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Finding an excellent healthcare or life science writer can be tough. Understanding complex topics is one thing, but being able to explain them in an easy to digest format is an entirely different skill.

That's where Branch Content comes in. We produce content that informs and engages your target audience, helping you grow your business. Unlike so many other writers, we combine academic and industry experience with excellent writing skills. This means we can hit the ground running with your content and don’t need any hand-holding along the way.

Our specialty areas include:

Laboratory research equipment and software

Cosmetics formulation materials and equipment

Healthcare tech and diagnostics

We’ve worked for companies such as Lab Manager, BioTech Square, Analytical Cannabis, Colabra, Elsevier, Tech Coaches, NuLeaf Naturals, and Lab Supply Network. Our expertise includes technical backgrounds and degrees in Chemistry and business. We can help you reach your goals through the power of excellent copy.

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While many agencies claim to offer what you need, without extensive technical and science experience, they're never going to provide adequate results. Branch Content brings a breadth of knowledge in the fields of healthcare and life sciences, as well as expansive marketing expertise.

Proven Track Record

We have worked for companies such as Lab Manager and Leafly all the way to Elsevier and Colabra, so we understand exactly how to create strategy and content that forges connections with audiences in these industries.

Audience Focus

One of the issues with complex topics is that they can easily go way over the reader's head. We take the time to learn about your target audience and tailor our strategy and copy accordingly. Unsure who your target audience is? We can help there too.

Analytical Minds

While we value creativity, our inherently technical brains mean that analytics are always at the core of our work. Our formulaic approach to optimizing strategy and content brings a level of science to the world of marketing.

Thorough Research

We understand that credible copy must be razor sharp when it comes to facts and statements. We ensure that every piece of copy is fully scrutinized and entirely factual.

Creative Copy

With the wrong writer, tech and science topics can seem downright boring. We ensure that this is never the case and always create content that captivates as much as it informs.

We help you build meaningful relationships with your customers and keep them coming back for more.

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