Aimee O'Driscoll, MBA, BSc, Founder

Aimee has spent well over a decade working in the lab, first as a Medicinal Chemistry student and then as a chemist for a multinational cosmetics company. Her passion for marketing was born while completing her MBA and has evolved dramatically over the past decade. She now leverages her analytical mind to help healthcare and life science companies grow their businesses.

Aimee has a passion for helping companies engage and educate audiences by breaking down complex science and technology topics. She relishes devising strategies and crafting content to boost conversions and forge lasting relationships with customers.

Aimee is the lead strategist and editor at Branch Content, working with a team of talented writers to craft incredible copy. She leverages a pool of seasoned professionals, each with their own specialties, and combines their talents to produce first-class content and ace every project.

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