You know the value your company is delivering but do your prospects? Your brand embodies what you do and how you interact with the world. But it's easy to confuse customers with unclear branding and murky messaging. This leads to wasted resources and lost revenue as competitors swoop in and steal the spotlight.

In this engagement, we dig deep to discover exactly how you want to serve the world. And we'll come up with the optimal way to clearly articulate your value proposition to your ideal customers.

We begin by getting clear on your brand goals and refining your internal messaging, including your purpose, vision, and core values. We then leverage these pillars to uncover your positioning and key messaging, ultimately communicating your brand in a succinct and compelling manner.

Key Outcomes

By the end of this engagement you will have:

A go-to document that guides all aspects of your business, including every internal and external interaction

Strong team alignment to make the right decisions in less time, saving valuable resource

A cohesive messaging guide you can leverage across all communication channels

A clear action plan for attracting your ideal prospects and communicating your offer in a way that compels them to take action


1. We'll start with a short discovery questionnaire in advance to help understand your existing messaging, target audience, and general brand goals. I'll then customize the structure of our workshops based on your answers.

2. We'll schedule two 90-minute workshops to take place via Zoom. The first workshop will focus on answering questions about your brand, including your values, who you serve, and the problems you solve.

3. We'll go to work to create your draft brand pillars based on the first workshop, and send you a summary branding document within two days.

4. In the second workshop, we'll review and refine your brand pillars and determine how these should translate to positioning and messaging.

5. We convert all ideas and decisions into an organized document (delivered within two days of the second workshop) that includes:

Brand pillars, including purpose, mission, vision, and core values

Positioning statement that succinctly describes your product and target audience and how you’re fulfilling a market need

Messaging guide, including language that persuasively conveys your unique offering and can be utilized in all communications


$3,800 USD plus applicable taxes

“We needed help rebranding our website and launching a new marketing strategy online. In short, we've loved everything about working with Aimee O'Driscoll and her team! From the one-on-one staff interviews and strategic development discussions used to collect insight and articulate our brand ideas and goals, to the presentation of a complete marketing plan and the implementation of a smooth, scheduled rollout, Branch Content filled all the gaps in our corporate identity and gave a voice to our organization. With full brand clarity and a deep awareness of those we serve, Branch Content is the bolt-on backbone of our online presence. Without hesitation, I would recommend Branch Content to anyone looking for website and branding guidance or professionals and businesses seeking a reliable content creation studio with a keen ability to embody and communicate any brand and its philosophy.”


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