As a healthcare or life sciences company, you need a strong digital presence to cement your expertise and display authority and trustworthiness. But these markets are flooded with uninspired articles, muted whitepapers, and a lackluster social media presence. In short, too many companies are producing content for the sake of producing content. They're wasting resources while driving away customers.

To stand out from the crowd, you need a solid content plan that will capture the attention of your target audience and differentiate your company. Every content item you create must have clear goals such as increased brand awareness, driving traffic or conversions, or improving customer retention.

We'll help you get there. Our content strategy engagement will leave you with a comprehensive roadmap designed to optimally leverage your available resources. We develop a data-driven strategy to produce original, engaging content that truly speaks to your target audience. By the end, you’ll have a customized playbook designed to attract quality leads, boost audience engagement, and convert prospects into buyers.

Key Outcomes

By the end of this engagement you will have:

A premium content strategy that differentiates your business

The ability to maintain publishing consistency and coordinate content marketing efforts across departments

Positioning that presents your company as a thought leader, framing your product or service as the ideal solution

A clear action plan for attracting qualified leads who are ready to work with you and compelling your audience to take specific actions


1. We'll start with a discovery questionnaire in advance to find out about your existing content assets and analytics, target audience, and general content goals.

2. We'll then schedule a 60-minute workshop to take place via Zoom. In the workshop, we do a deeper dive into your content goals and discuss some preliminary ideas as they relate to your target audience.

3. We'll perform a full content audit, including examining available analytics, paying close attention to items that should be removed or that can be repurposed. We'll also delve into what competitors are doing and determine what’s working well and what isn’t.

4. We'll identify opportunities, research what type of content will perform well with your target audience, and develop ideas for your content strategy.

5. We'll deliver your content strategy report and editorial calendar. All ideas and decisions are presented in an organized document that includes:

Key content types recommended to include in your strategy

An editorial calendar suggesting release dates for each content item, including articles, press releases, whitepapers, social media posts, and more

Suggestions for promotion for each content type, including social media, email, outreach, and strategic partnerships


$3,800 USD plus applicable taxes

“Branch Content is our company's best money spent on an outside solution to our brand identity and communications. From the onset, they helped us identify and target our ideal clients, teaching us ways to package and sell our services effectively. Branch Content did a complete overhaul of our website, including final copy. As a result, our website is finally attracting new clients due to their expertise in directing our services to the appropriate audiences. Branch Content provides us with consistent communications to our client base and online community in the form of monthly blog posts, newsletters and social media posts across all our platforms, which has allowed our company to stay relevant and updated in our industry. Working with them has been anything short of a dream. Their professionalism, humility and focused approach have helped solidify our company's identity after a tough transition from in-person teaching to an all-out digital system. Any company looking to take all of their great, 'whiteboard' ideas and formulate them into a realistic approach and solution should hire Branch Content for their services."


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